Desktop Sync Client

Connect from Windows, MacOS or Linux to maintain file synchronization between your Hub For Teams server and your computer. Simply choose one or more directories on your local machine, ensuring constant access to your most up-to-date files regardless of your location.

  • Install and start the “Hub For Teams” app.
    • If the “Could not import accounts from legacy client configuration” notice pops up you can safely discard it
  • Enter the URL for your Hub For Teams instance. The URL can be found in your browser address bar when you visit your Hub Dashboard.
    • Example:
  • After you click the Next button your web browser should open and prompt you to login into your Hub For Teams instance. Enter your username and password and grant access.
    • Please keep in mind that you might not need to enter your credentials if you are already logged in.
  • Once you are back in the app, select folders that you want to sync and click the Connect button.

Windows: 2de0a8d962032259e71f6ff782c3c9d7571e7036054f9f13d9b57f793093ce9f

Mac: 275b4ea73fdb05a1c0df515797441c8938907127981b349238c5b1bcb068d77c

Linux: bdf904a335ba399bcea10782bad377b6d19257f24aeeff76efffb400a4022939